The Kaisers Gallop In-to The Kingdom


A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character. Tesio

Dreams of the artist’s heart painted with oil on canvas as the horses elegant and exquisite, The Kaisers epitomise the strength of knight’s sword betrothed to the sensitivity of a queen’s heart as The Emperors, The Passion Kings and The Pharoahs


They GALLOP WITH POWER OF DETERMINATION to conquer the horizons vast and the oceans deep, they EXUDE THE INNER JOY AND INNOCENCE OF A CHILD out in the swathes chasing butterflies and splashing in streams. Their wingless flights passionate and unbound, their dreams reign extremes, THE KAISERS RULE THE KINGDOMS OF HEARTS, LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN LIFE THEIR SOLE VISION SUPREME.


Fear they know none, hard work their whole being, compassion thy soul, with power of love they conquer the world whole. THE KAISERS ARE THE INSIGNIA OF ALL THAT IS THE HORSE AND ALL THAT SHOULD BE THE HUMAN.


Be THE KAISER of your life, RULE THE KINGDOMS OF YOUR DREAMS, gallop with the power of knowledge, SPRINKLE THE STARDUST OF SMILES, CREATE A MAGNIFICENT KINGDOM  OF HAPPY WORLD with fond care and soulful love.