Acclaimed Creative Projects & Artworks - 2020


Creative strategist for History on Heritage, the illumination of Qutub Minar in tricolors of Hungarian flag to commemorate Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and Hungarian Independence day on October 23, 2020 held by Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, Embassy of Hungary, New Delhi. Event was presided by HE Ambassador of Hungary to India.

Creative Director & art strategist of W-LOC (World’s Largest Online Competition of Art) held by IAI (International Art and Imagination Forum) an initiative of Chhapai.com from Nov 7-8, 2020. The event comprised coming together of over 10000 artists from world over to create a world record of visual arts virtually on digital platform and panel discussions by experts from different fields of arts deliberating on changed scenarios for art and artists. Event designed and showcased on state of the art AI enabled 3D platform under the creative direction and vision of Neerajj Mittra.

Moderated the talk show Connecting through music and art during coronavirus held under the aegis of W-LOC (World’s Largest Online Competition of Art) by IAI (International Art and Imagination Forum)on Nov 8, 2020. The panel comprising eminent artists from music industry namely Subir Mallik founder and musician, Parikarma band,  Pallavi Rao RJ Radio Mirchi, Vishwajyoti Ghosh classical singer and Vipin Aneja singer.

Creative trainer and art strategist for Maped a leader in creative products, organising creative workshops, and guiding art educators and students world over on nuances of finesses and creative enrichment strategies.

Ekam Tatvam Sarvasva September 5-25  : First of its kind  in India 3D virtual display on 360 degree scanned real art gallery through AI enabled platform. Conceptualised and Curated by Neerajj Mittra, tech powered by Grasshopper Media TV

Stallions Imperia Nov 7-17, 2020 – A solo show of equines in mixed media on 3D AI enabled platform on W-LOC, under the aegis of IAI an initiative of Chhapai.com

Soul Space Oct 25- Nov 3 – A group art show at Café Hus Tomelila, Sweden showcasing The Czar, An Equine artwork in charcoal

Jury and curator art contest Arte’fest an international online art contest held by IVS School of Design 11 October, 2020


Chronological list of Events / Achievements March-Nov 2020



Date Event / Achievement Type USP
April-October 2020 SPVAR (St.Petersburg Virtual Art Residency) organised by the prestigious St Petersberg Virtual Art Residency (SPVAR), Pushinskya International Virtual Art Residency comprising participation by 100 artists all around the world Around 200 exclusive artworks of Equine Art titled ‘Flowing Equines’ created in mixed media. One of the very few artists to have experimented and explored an array of art styles and materials from miniature drawings to semirealistic abstracts, from realistic sketches to paper cutworks, from paints to pen, stencils to pencils, threads to sparkles, etc. A well appreciated artist in virtual residence with more than 50 comments from world-over on equine artworks created and shared to his credit.
July 2020 Transpositions III- Mind the Gap An international online group art exhibition held by SPVAR showcasing selected artworks of resident artists. Flowing Equine artworks titled An Ode to starry nights, Power & Passion, were curated and showcased in the exhibition