About Neerajj Mittra

Dear Art Enthusiast,

Artist Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar at work in his new chateau. The intruder got away, but Picasso told the police he could do a rough sketch of what he looked like. On the basis of his drawing, the police arrested a nun, the minister of finance, a washing machine, and the Eiffel tower.


neerajj mittra That is the problem with artists. They try to help the world through art and help matters in a way that sometimes supersedes the useful intensity of the help. But then each human being, especially artist is unique, is different. So am I. It did not me long to realise this as my sojourn in the world began and every scaffold of my life turned out to be a tryst with art and I grew up into A BEING- OF ART, BY ART, FOR ART.

Blessed to be born to artist parents, living a free-spirited childhood in the town of Karnal, earning BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts) and MFA (Masters in Fine Arts from the prestigious College of Art, New Delhi, enriching learning with Certificate course in Studio Pottery, IGNOU, New Delhi, an Art Appreciation Course at National Museum, New Delhi, learning arts beyond borders through JENESYS scholarship to Japan and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Spiritual Health have been the paramount founding pillars of this edifice of art the world knows as Neerajj Mittra A MULTIFARIOUS ARTIST, ART CURATOR & DESIGN THINKER.

A mentorship by the stalwart Shri. Amar Nath Sehgal, the noted Indian modernist sculptor, painter, poet and art educator, as his handpicked intern at his studio in Jungpura, New Delhi, a personal note of appreciation of my sculptures and encouragement by highly revered and noted Indian sculptor Shri. Sankho Chaudhuri himself, in my prime years primed me into THE EXPLORATION OF ART.

What began as a small child helping other children his age and even older at an art school run by his mother, transformed into a euphonious sojourn of art by an artist who creates with every artwork A UNIQUE LANGUAGE OF ART.

It did not take more than 65 national and international art exhibitions comprising 17 solo shows, 46 group art shows, 1 two men show, a live painting of wearable art at India Runway Fashion Week 2014 for Styllion by designer Manish Gupta’s spring summer collection, curating more than 30 solo and group art shows as art curator, organising and hosting an international art residency with the artists from Hungary and India, conducting independent art walks and more than 15 art camps and workshops for me to realise that IDIOSYNCRAIES, SPONTANEITY & HAPPINESS form the CORE OF MY ART.

But it did take each of these milestones of art to help me evolve as a better artist and human being with every artwork, art walk, art talk, art camp, art workshop. It took my each and every sometimes silent, sometimes loud but always intense conversations with my brush and easels, my clay and ceramics, my bronzes and stones, my papers and strings, my colours and pastels to make me realise that my musings are all about ART BEING MY SOLE BEING, MY SOLE BEING AN ART.

Each of my artworks and musings with art revealed to me that every form of art is a fountainhead of happiness and my art and artworks have always been about spreading happiness, creating joys and bringing smiles. As Neerajj Mittra, my art is made up of love, relationships and reflections and it speaks the language of HOPE, HAPPINESS & HUMOUR.

As a conscious effort while creating artworks I try to explore and understand spontaneity and how I can deploy it creatively. This is why my work style is very spontaneous and so are my artworks. I explore different mediums right from soil to oil, from acrylics to water colour, from stones to sand, from metals to cloth, I use myriad textures, metals, ink and all the mediums that allow me to move seamlessly from one projection to another. That allow me be spontaneous as I multitask and let life manage me. For me SPONTANEITY IS A WAY OF LIFE & MY STYLE OF ART.

Art helps me to be wittingly therapeutic with people especially youngsters and children I interact with them at art talks, art walks, art workshops (including some in my hometown Karnal). I extend this circle of joy by juxtaposing and embedding art into lives and living spaces. But most importantly I do it all with a wit and good humour, which I believe goes and takes you a long way in life.  After all it is the quick witted art connoisseurs who understand and love art and are not shy to invest in art, that it helps art gets its patrons.

I love children and it for me it is the youngsters and children who truly inspire, sincerely appreciate and constructively advice. I have a dream to use my art and all my creative faculties to nurture the young minds as the creative, sensitive and responsible future global citizens who BUILD NATIONS AND CONNECT HEARTS WITH ART.

I have a dream to use my art to give a drift of creativity to the wings of dreams of young and old alike. My artworks seek to nudge and inspire people to follow and always follow their dreams, even if it takes them off the well-trodden path. Follow your every true calling in life which has ever come from your heart. I believe that, I follow that, I have done that and I keep doing that. FOLLOW YOUR HEART, CHASE YOUR DREAMS, NURTURE YOUR PASSIONS.

Pablo Picasso would never have been afraid of that intruder and that is because an artist’s treasure is a little more inclusive and scattered, and that’s what I am INCLUSIVE, BUOYANT, JOVIAL & EXTEMPORANEOUS.


Thanks for visiting this humble studio & virtual exhibition centre. Move around and enjoy the colours and forms.

I Remain,
Neerajj Mittra