With more than 30 years of experience of experimenting with materials and methods of ART, it is my being, and spontaneity and freedom are my languages of ART. My inner conscience always nudges me to bring forth the beautiful memories of my childhood, craving forever to etch a lasting impression on the viewers.  As an artist I wish to use equine arts to inscribe those lovely childhood memories on the sands of time. I am grateful to Anastasia Patsey (Director, SPVAR) and her extremely creative team especially Nazar Nizametov for creating a boulevard of creativity for the artists worldwide when the times were transforming.

This unique period of lockdown also came with the ME time and openness of mind which further prompted me to quench my creative thirst even with limited resources & materials I had at home. With 'Horse' as my muse, my artworks created during lockdown at SPVAR (St.Petersberg Virtual Art Residency), comprise : Mix media, paper collage, calligraphy centered around horse figurines, stencils, handmade papers, water colours, dry pastels, pen & ink, pencil, felt pen, cardboard, digital montage, etc., as multitude languages to build equine figures. With my creations I wanted to showcase the bond Humans and Horses share and redefine the magical relationship of virtues and life skills between both, using ART as my method and tool.

I evolve with time

I evolve with materials

I evolve within to reflect my subconscious to the conscious

I have my muse, I have ME